Constant Theme Changes :)

So I’ll apologize in advance, I’m having fun playing with my theme’s, and it’s been tough to find one that I like and is easy to work with. However I must say I keep coming back to the VeryPlainText theme as it’s the only fluid width theme that I’ve found that is really coded well! And it’s licensed under the GPL which of course I’m all for!

Sure I’ve gotten under the hood and played with it’s css to change the colors to something a bit more my style (and don’t doubt that I’ll be changing it again soon as my GF’s got a lot of homework to catch up on this weekend so I’ll be playing with my pc) but the framework is all done by Scott Wallick owner of and really love the work he’s done.

So much so that I’m really upset that he’s offering the domain up for sale. Sure it’s not going anywhere (and I’ve mirrored the themes just in case) but I’d really like to see these themes stay in development, so that it changes for the better! Don’t Go Scott!

So if your looking for a very simple, lightweight, FAST, CSS driven theme DO check out his site!

Or if your more into making your own chances are good that you’ve already started working from his sandbox theme. A VERY Bare Bones theme ready for your css wizardry!

Google Voice the phone system of the future! And I'm loving it!

Well what can I say? I’ve just gotten my new HTC Touch Pro and a new Verizon LG vx5500 for work so I”ve done the hardware side, and in perfect lockstep Google Voice has gifted me with an invite and what can I say? It’s Great!

During the time when I didn’t have my personal cell as I was waiting for the replacement in the mail I needed an easy way to still get my calls but have them diverted to a different phone without having to hassle everyone of my friends and family. So I started a new number with google voice and have almost gotten it out to everyone that needs it as well as added it to my voicemail so soon enough it’ll will have fully replaced all the individual numbers I had for all my different phones including 2 mobile phones, 2 skype numbers, and my home phone.

So now when you call me, it rings all of my numbers (or a subset of them depending on the schedules you setup) and the first time you call, it asks for your name, after the first call to me, it won’t ask again. I’m then presented with an array of options such as answer the call, push it to voicemail, “ListenIn” to the voicemail as they are leaving it such good stuff! Of course you can check your voicemail on your phones as well as your computer but even better, it will email you a transcription of the voicemail so you don’t even have to make a call to check what or who it was! Great! Now when I’m in a noisy server room or up in an attic somewhere I don’t have to stop what I’m doing or leave to be able to hear, the message is mostly all right there in plain text!  I say mostly because some of the transcription is still lacking on accuracy but it’s pretty good and no doubt getting better all the time, plus they also give you the option of using goog411 from a dial in option as well which if you remember is there free 411 service, that also is helping them in the whole transcription / voice recognition thing so I’m sure using it won’t hurt either cause! :D

For those friends or business associates  that don’t bother leaving a name when prompted the first time they call, you can go online and manually type in a name and it will do a text to speech on it when they call so you will still be able to tell who’s calling, and if they happen to be a telemarketer beyond telling them to put you on the do not call list you can also add them to an auto to voicemail setting, or even better mark them as spam and never hear from them again! w00t!

A tech mashup I can't wait to play with! CrunchChrome?!

So I’ve been following the “Crunchpad” tablet pc like a hawk, holding off and waiting, not buying a netbook in lust for the techcrunch folks beautiful piece of hardware and with it being so close another announcement takes the wind out of me! Google’s Chrome OS!?! Is this not a blessing?! No it’s more then that, it’s a beginning to a whole new era of mobile computing!

The Almighty Crunchpad !!!
The Almighty Crunchpad !!!

Take your tiny screened iphone and shove it, right up there next to the black and white kindle that’s keeping your clunky netbook company. No mouse, no keyboard, just a browser and your finger, how easy can you get?!

Of course the Chrome OS is still vaporware as it’s got nothing as far as the public can or has seen, but it’s a great idea and I love the speed of Chrome, of course some darker themes would be nice imho, but, really what more do you need then a browser these days?!

Sure there’s some hardcore stuff you’ll still want your desktop for, but this is more of a replacement for your laptop / netbook, but in my personal life, I’d say 90% of my time is spent on a browser and I could care less the OS or browser as long as it’s connected!

Now if  we can get stumbleupon on Chrome I’d be a man experiencing bliss!

Zune hides it's best content! But it could be the saving grace of content!

I stumbled across the best content on the Zune Marketplace that they don’t show you!

If your an avid Zune lover then you might have also found this or not, being I used mine mostly for netcast’s and audiobooks, I didn’t really browse the marketplace much (and with bit torrent didnt have much of a need) but I have had a Zune Pass since I’ve owned the device but never really used it much. Once they changed to the monthly fee as usual but then added the fact that you could own 10 song’s a month with that same fee, well I felt obliged to download my fair share!

But the problem now was, I have stockpiled such massive ammounts of music that I was having a hard time finding new stuff that I like, and remembering the old stuff that I missed.

Well the Zune software has these channels, that well, let’s face it, kind of suck. They try to guess your like’s by analyzing your song’s that you sync and making you fall into categories, and well let’s face it, no software, I don’t care the algorithm you use, can figure out someone’s personal likes and dislikes on music!

But amazingly there are other people out there that like the same stuff you do! In walk the Mixtapes! IF you can find them! And before you say “Just type Mixtapes into the search” guess what, tried it, doesn’t work!


These Mixtapes are AWESOME Collections of music that have been put together to provide you with TONS of content!


They really don’t make it easy to find either! I do it by typing in “hip hop 92″ in the search, clicking on the link “by Mixtapes” in the “Playlists”  1 result,  and then clicking the “Mixtapes” link next to Ice Cubes picture, then alas you are taken to the mother load of PIMPING collections of songs that you’ve been looking for!


Here’s one that would have been great during a BBQ over the holidays had I know these existed before tonight.  Already I’ve purchased my 10 songs for the month, even though the past 2 month’s I had forgotten to (and no they don’t roll over unfortunately) So for this alone, I’d say buy a Zune, install the software, get a pass and enjoy a FLOOD of music that you can’t help but like! It was chosen by your peers, not some program! Sorry Napster, This is the way music distribution is heading and $1.00 a song’s going to be history!  So enjoy all of this new found content and I expect you to share with Zune owners near you (Still haven’t gotten to do that yet!)

Ugh the Fifth…


I’m feeling a bit hungover today, I’m glad to say that last night was a great time but turned into a bit of too much of a goood time :D That’ll happen!

So I’m getting ready to go get my key’s to my truck and pickup my GF’s car, we kind of screwed that up! Her car’s there, my trucks at home great start, but I was tooo drunk and left my key’s there, and got a ride home from my roommate, so now I’m stranded here until someone want’s to giv a ride ;D And there’s no food here either, thank man for the drive thru!

Alright well it’s time to sign off for the rest of today probably. My heads pounding and thought isn’t coming as easy as normal. Hope you all had a good time too!

Simpson Lovers and tom tom owners listen up!

So There’s now a Real Homer Simpson voice for the Tom Tom Navigation unit’s and I love it! Unfortunately it’s not free, more like almost $13 bucks, but it makes me laugh and when you service most of California some trips you need something like that.


It’s pretty funny too, with things like, “Sharp right ahead. MMMmmmmmm Steering Maneuvers” and other funny quotes and of course his famous laugh that get’s me every time!


Just wanted to let you all know as I also don’t often connect or even start my TomTom home software, but I caught this one and wanted to share!

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