The Perfect Rocks Glass.

So I was thinking a while ago, while drinking some Small Batch Bourbon and an assortment of Scotch (I Love Scotch!!!)¬† about those very interesting and innovative ice cube replacements that won’t melt and dilute your drink.

But the problem for any serious drinker is the simple fact that these “Cubes” are taking up precious real estate in your glass of which some sort of distilled liquor is supposed to be residing! So I’ve come up with a few new approaches to this problem.

Simple and easy first approach.
Simple and easy first approach.

The first approach above is as the caption states, simple and hopefully easy to mass produce if the idea takes off. However this still is not the perfect solution.


This is a more perfect solution, the “Nipple” allows the drink inside to cool faster and contact more of the glass. The thick base allows a greater thermal mass as well as the amount of “Blue Ice” is far greater then ideas like the stainless steel ice cubes noted above theoretically allowing the glass to stay cold longer.

Sure it might look a bit silly, and that’s why I’ve provided more then one variation to this, as well as I’m sure you could get some artist to come in and do something more aesthetically appealing, but I’m just an idea guy, and I think it’s a good one!

Holiday Inn makes for a MUCH better sunday.

So if you’re also following me on Facebook, you read and saw some pic’s of the Motel 6 I stayed at in Madera. Gross. Seriously the worst Hotel experience I’ve ever had. I spoke with my boss and he moved me over to the Holiday Inn Express & Suites just down the street from where I was working, and it’s WORLDS Better! I like this place alot and it’s not only made me much happier today, it’s got alot of nice features, like 4 pillows on the bed with “Firm” and “Soft” Embroidered on the pillow case’s. A subtle but very welcome touch. The lobby smell’s of potpourri instead of dog piss and all in all a very nice place to stay the night or weekend. It’s even actually got a desk for my laptop, and Internet that’s NOT only 256 kbs down and 56 kbs up. Seriously, dial up speeds that I DONT miss!


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

BlindSearch what a great idea!

Now I’m not talking about a search engine for the blind, but BlindSearch, a website that strips of the designs of Google, Yahoo, and Bing Search engine’s and pit’s the results to you and asks what you find to be the best. Then it tells you who you choose, The lack of google results might just surprise you figuring that as Jason Calacanis states every 1% of the search market is worth $1,000,000,000.00 that’s no laughing matter, and well, let’s just see if it’s the hype and advertising swaying your opinion or truly the results! Seriously Try It!!!

I for one am on the side of I like this idea and think that blind sites like this might just help more then rehashing the same thing across different providers.

Think I’m wrong? I’d love to talk about it in the comments!


Little Is Better and XMPlay is Awesome!

So I’ve been playing around with my laptop, and windows 7 RC, and I’ve been having a great time running off of just my thumbdrive for a while but this had made me lust for small and lightweight app’s that get back to the root of the way programs used to be designed, with good code, and a desire to not require more resources, but to solve it with better coding. However with today’s faster and stronger processors and more and more ram, the demand for such applications has been lacking, but with the netbook still on the rise, and more lightweight processors flooding into the market, the focus is changing and I think that’s a good thing.

This time around I’m talking about XMPlay and it’s my favorite little audio player. Super fast to start, self contained (meaning portable and able to be run from a usb key), and as they say “Balls On Accurate” and I’m not one to argue as I have always loved this application!

XMPlayer with the "Heavyweight" Skin

The ONLY problem is that there is no “installer” as it’s a standalone app that live’s in it’s own little folder, so if you want it in your start menu your going to have to make your own shortcuts. Not a hard thing to do, but for those less informed, your start menu lives at “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs” for those running windows 7 and probably Vista.

Now when I say small, I mean this player, complete, extracted, is only 384 KB (393,216 bytes on my disk) and comes, with all sorts of features, as well as it’s fully expandable, using DSP Plugins, Visuals, and Skins. ¬†Everything you could want such as an EQ, Playlist Manager, the ability to play in 32 bit channels, as well as native support for XM files, MP3, and addon support is available for most other non-native supported extensions, like FLAC, AAC, Monkey, OGG etc.

So got a bunch of portable apps on a thumbdrive OR just looking for a great, clean and powerful audio player, I HIGHLY Recommend you check out XMPlay!