Crunchbang Linux Blows Me Away!

Linux Lovers listen up. If your a nerd like myself, you’ve been looking for this distro! I’m not sure why I’ve never heard about it, they’re just over a year old, and as they say from there site:

CrunchBang Linux is an Ubuntu based distribution featuring the lightweight Openbox window manager and GTK+ applications. The distribution has been built and customised from a minimal Ubuntu install. The distribution has been designed to offer a good balance of speed and functionality. CrunchBang Linux is currently available as a LiveCD; however, best performance is achieved by installing CrunchBang Linux to your hard disk

I’m loving this distribution! Pre-loaded with Openbox, rtorrent, irssi, firefox, transmission, clawsmail, vlc, Kino Video Editor, etc. You know, the best of the best opensource apps. Plus there’s a good number of hackers in there forums that have worked a great fix to get things like dropbox working without nautilus that really work well and are great ideas! (PCManFM if your courious what it uses instead of nautilus.)

Being a huge fan of fluxbox, openbox is a natural replacement, having a nice display using conky on boot showing you some pre mapped shortcut keys already defined as well is quite a nice touch. Ooh yea, and it’s default display is black and very minimal, which of course I’m a big fan of (just look at my site…) here’s what it looks like:


It’s fast, lightweight, and has everything you need already installed, just customize what it looks like and your good to go! Give it a try as it works great as a live cd as well! Get it here.

Nerd Fun.

So I’ve been playing with my .bashrc file to pimp my prompt just so, and it’s coming out pretty good so far. If you would like to copy my file you can find it in my pastebin at this link. (It’s too much to post as a code snippet so that’s why it’s there) What you’ll get if you choose to use it is a pretty versitile bash prompt that changes colors when your logged in remotely as opposed to locally, a shortened working directory listing, load avarage on login and a fun welcoming message! Most of the code was taken from Emmanuel Rouat ‘s page of Advanced Bash-Scripting Goodness, however I wanted the shortened working directory along with his examples, so I pieced this one together. The end result is very usable and looks like this:

Local View
Local View
Remote View
Remote View

If you wanted an example of the shortened Working Directory here’s an example of that for your courious mind, it’s like the Friendly Interactive SHell (ie. FISH) goodness.


As you can see it’s much easier to find where your at then a bunch of … in the middle of the directory listing and also still gives you enough to work from (and there’s always PWD if you get lost)

I’ve also setup another server here at the house to offload alot of the work that my old server was doing all by itself ie: Downloads and internal web affairs and testing. All I can say really on that end is I LOVE lighttpd and wish I could use it for my multi-domain setup. Oh well thems the ropes!

Proof That Microsoft Security Essentials Works And Firefox is Safer!

Doing a quick Google search has run me across a Trojan/down-loader and I’m sure command and control software executable however I’m not going to bother going through the hassle of de-compiling it and looking at it.

MSE Warning
The Trojan that wanted to be downloaded and installed without my concent.

The page is supposed to mimic your “My Computer” in XP and is supposidly doing a virus scan, which of course this threw up all kinds of red flags as I’m running the Signature version of Windows 7 and I haven’t seen the blue and green window borders in probably over 4 years. (Even the zune theme by Microsoft kicks the blue one’s ass! Why anyone sticks with that blue is beyond me!) Then after the “Scan” is finished clicking anywhere on the page will download the .exe file. (You’ll also notice that I run my browsers in a sandbox and for this exact reason I highly recommend Sandboxie! One of the few apps I happily paid for!)

Anyways just as a heads up and more proof that Firefox is truly the most secure browser available, it’s the only one that warned me “Hey there’s bad stuff at this site” before I even got to it. Here’s some screenshot’s of the whole ordeal.

Firefox stopping me from even getting to the site and getting in trouble! Fuck Yea!
Internet Explorer happily accepting the trojan only to have it blocked by MSE.
Arora Downloading the trojan but blocking the flash section of the site with the enabled security settings. IE Can't say that.

For those of you courious the google search was “single line ascii art” and it’s the 5th result titled “good single line ascii art” the url referenced is