Getting dorky now

Alright so I’m going to start showing my nerd side.

It’s friday and to some of you that means, Friday Night Magic!

So I’m going to do two things.
One, I’m going to post one of my decks because,
Two I just installed a MtG plugin and want to test out how well it works!


So I call this:

[mtg_deck title="Bloody Kieth"]


1 Sorin Markov

1 Royal Assassin

2 Guul Draz Vampire

2 Child of Night

1 Screeching Bat

2 Vampire Outcasts

2 Bloodrage Vampire

2 Bloodlord of Vaasgoth

2 Bloodline Keeper

3 Skinrender

1 Butcher of Malakir

1 Chancellor of the Dross



4 Dismember

3 Wring Flesh

2 Geth’s Verdict

2 Altar’s Reap



2 Despise

2 Dead Weight

1 Life’s Finale



1 Trepanation Blade

1 Demon’s Horn

1 Wooden Stake



3 Piranha Marsh

1 Bojuka Bog

17 Swamp



I’m going to go play with it now, so I’ll let you know how it went!

Say NO to the SOPA and PIPA bills!

Our freedom on the internet is being yet again threatened by politicians that don’t understand what makes up the web and are being bullied by the recording industries. This site and all other site’s I run are being either blocked or limited by that lovely black screen. Please take 5 minutes of your time and voice your opposition to these bills! Please visit and be a part of the largest online protest to date! The future of the web depends on it!










Also the images I’ve made to help protest this movement, are freely available, and anyone is more then welcome to use them without my approval for any use you see fit. (Avatars are a good start!)

Start your bitcoin apps without using the commandline using shortcuts

So I haven’t talked about Bitcoin in a while, so I figured I’d re-hash the subject. (get it?!)

I’ve recently re-discovered that there are several good mining apps these days, as well as some pretty powerful bitcoin pools. Being I have been a solo miner up until lately, I never had the need for special commands, however now I do, so I wanted to make starting these easier, and figured I’d share my information on how I did just that using shortcuts.

First off I’m assuming you know how to make a shortcut for an app. (right click it and choose the optioin “create a shortcut”) This will create a shortcut for whatever you right clicked, most of the time a .exe file. But bitcoin mining apps have to run in the commandline to work, and when you just click the .exe file, a prompt window flashes and the program ends. Not really what you want. So here’s how you do this.

First off, go ahead and make the shortcut as usual.











Then right click on the resulting shortcut and go to properties.














You will see the full path to the .exe you made a shortcut for in the “Target” field. This is where we start.

First enter in



at the very beginning of the target line. This will force the .exe to be run in the command prompt (which is what we want!)

Then we need to add the options for our mining app. Being I am on an old laptop (intel core 2 duo) with no graphics gpu worth mentioning, I use the Ufasoft Miner (good for cpu mining) if you need a list of commands here they are.










Just enter them in after the end of the .exe so for my example (username and password omitted) it would look like this.



This translates to: get work every 5 seconds, use 3 cores, get the work from deepbit and register any work I return to this account.


Slush pool:




Theres many other options you can change in here as well, such as the font size, icon and colors. Don’t be afraid to play around a little!

Here’s what mine looks like when it’s running.








Green like money!


Now I just need enough to buy one of these awesome butterfly boxes! (update over a year later, I just bought one!!!)










Another cool thing about butterfly, is they also accept payment in bitcoin! So help me buy one with a small donation?

My Bitcoin address: 1337DanaAJt3w6Trpp13SyNce7HLkzdL42  (yep mined my own vanity address :) )

Any amount is appreciated! Even Bitcents!