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Coining the term “PirateDriving”

So I’ve long been a fan of wardriving which is the act of driving around with a laptop sniffing packets of open (and closed) wifi access points (Great android app, check out or search the android market for wigle wifi). However I’ve yet to hear of a term defining driving around with an open wifi access point (such as my piratebox) offering content instead of looking for other’s. So following the spirit of merging the two concepts that brought me to this head, I’ll just start calling it “PirateDriving”.

I’ll be running around Martinez/Concord/Pleasent Hill/Walnut Creek area’s in California the next few weeks with my piratebox hooked up to my power inverter and my piratebox running. When I’ll be parked for a while I’ll be the white truck with several antenna’s on the roof and one really long stainless steel whip that stand’s at around 12′ in the air. Feel free to approach me, I’m harmless I promise, and I just might have some decent content you might be looking for! Wifi First Run
An example of "wardriving" using GPS logging.

My Hal 9000 unit

So yea, I’m a geek, proud of it!

I even have my own Hal-9000 unit sitting on my desk keeping me company as I write this! All of the parts are available at your local Radio Shack and all for about $15.00 and about a half hour of your time.

  1. 3″ x 7″ Project Box
  2. 120v Super Bright Neon Bulb with Housing
  3. 120v 3a Microtoggle SPST or SPDT
  4. Power cable of your choice

Solder it all together power cable to center post on toggle switch, switch to bulb, bulb to neutral on power cable.

Put it in a nice box and flick the switch and viola, you have a good little HAL-9000 unit to place on your desk!

^Click for larger images ^

Well I decided I didn’t like the small lamp so I installed a larger one. Looking much better!

The Perfect Rocks Glass.

So I was thinking a while ago, while drinking some Small Batch Bourbon and an assortment of Scotch (I Love Scotch!!!)  about those very interesting and innovative ice cube replacements that won’t melt and dilute your drink.

But the problem for any serious drinker is the simple fact that these “Cubes” are taking up precious real estate in your glass of which some sort of distilled liquor is supposed to be residing! So I’ve come up with a few new approaches to this problem.

Simple and easy first approach.
Simple and easy first approach.

The first approach above is as the caption states, simple and hopefully easy to mass produce if the idea takes off. However this still is not the perfect solution.


This is a more perfect solution, the “Nipple” allows the drink inside to cool faster and contact more of the glass. The thick base allows a greater thermal mass as well as the amount of “Blue Ice” is far greater then ideas like the stainless steel ice cubes noted above theoretically allowing the glass to stay cold longer.

Sure it might look a bit silly, and that’s why I’ve provided more then one variation to this, as well as I’m sure you could get some artist to come in and do something more aesthetically appealing, but I’m just an idea guy, and I think it’s a good one!