Coining the term “PirateDriving”

So I’ve long been a fan of wardriving which is the act of driving around with a laptop sniffing packets of open (and closed) wifi access points (Great android app, check out wigle.net or search the android market for wigle wifi). However I’ve yet to hear of a term defining driving around with an open wifi access point (such as my piratebox) offering content instead of looking for other’s. So following the spirit of merging the two concepts that brought me to this head, I’ll just start calling it “PirateDriving”.

I’ll be running around Martinez/Concord/Pleasent Hill/Walnut Creek area’s in California the next few weeks with my piratebox hooked up to my power inverter and my piratebox running. When I’ll be parked for a while I’ll be the white truck with several antenna’s on the roof and one really long stainless steel whip that stand’s at around 12′ in the air. Feel free to approach me, I’m harmless I promise, and I just might have some decent content you might be looking for!

Wigle.net Wifi First Run
An example of "wardriving" using GPS logging.

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