Constant Theme Changes :)

So I’ll apologize in advance, I’m having fun playing with my theme’s, and it’s been tough to find one that I like and is easy to work with. However I must say I keep coming back to the VeryPlainText theme as it’s the only fluid width theme that I’ve found that is really coded well! And it’s licensed under the GPL which of course I’m all for!

Sure I’ve gotten under the hood and played with it’s css to change the colors to something a bit more my style (and don’t doubt that I’ll be changing it again soon as my GF’s got a lot of homework to catch up on this weekend so I’ll be playing with my pc) but the framework is all done by Scott Wallick owner of and really love the work he’s done.

So much so that I’m really upset that he’s offering the domain up for sale. Sure it’s not going anywhere (and I’ve mirrored the themes just in case) but I’d really like to see these themes stay in development, so that it changes for the better! Don’t Go Scott!

So if your looking for a very simple, lightweight, FAST, CSS driven theme DO check out his site!

Or if your more into making your own chances are good that you’ve already started working from his sandbox theme. A VERY Bare Bones theme ready for your css wizardry!

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