QR Codes

First off what are they?! (see the footer for mine)

here’s the QR Code for this page:

What that does is (if your mobile phone supports it) will send you to this page, on your mobile device, just by taking a photo of it on your camera, or using a dedicated program like QuickMark which is what I use on my HTC Touch Pro. (They have a free and you can purchase it for more featues, but I find the free version does what I need it to, as well as generate a QR Code for your contact list if you need to share a number this makes it worlds easier!)

So I’ve also added one at the footer, so if your browsing a page, that you want to view in your mobile device just snap a picture and your off and running!  I’ll also start doing them for item’s that I will be making available for download.

It’s taken off in china, you can find stickers, codes on billboards (I did see one in San Francisco but it was too small to get while driving.) I even have a sweatshirt that I made for my old mobile site so get on the QR Code bandwagon and ride!


Pretty Permalinks enabled :)

Well I finally went ahead and enabled the pretty links.

I’ve been told that the “ugly” way ( I liked it because the links were shorter making twitter easier etc. ) isn’t as SEO friendly… (not that it matters I get so few hits a day…) so I went ahead and enabled mod-rewrite on my server and enabled the simplest links I could muster (just %postname%) and viola.

Yea I know not a special post, but i wanted to let you all know in case you wanted to change up your links to me… I think the old links should still work though… w/e!


Authlite and Yubico DO care about customers!

I say this as I just recieved a conference call from the guy’s at Yubico and Collective Software saying they noticed my blog post and that I had ordered there authlite package and asked me what I thought of there product and if there was anything else that I could want from them.

How cool is that!

I wish I could have talked longer however I was driving at the time so I had to keep it brief (but yes I did have time to mention linux login using the yubikey)

They also let me know about there affilate program which I’ve now signed up with so if you order a yubikey or authlite package using the following link I’ll get a small portion of the money! Sweet! (GET YOUR YUBIKEY NOW! :D )


My Hal 9000 unit

So yea, I’m a geek, proud of it!

I even have my own Hal-9000 unit sitting on my desk keeping me company as I write this! All of the parts are available at your local Radio Shack and all for about $15.00 and about a half hour of your time.

  1. 3″ x 7″ Project Box
  2. 120v Super Bright Neon Bulb with Housing
  3. 120v 3a Microtoggle SPST or SPDT
  4. Power cable of your choice

Solder it all together power cable to center post on toggle switch, switch to bulb, bulb to neutral on power cable.

Put it in a nice box and flick the switch and viola, you have a good little HAL-9000 unit to place on your desk!

^Click for larger images ^

Well I decided I didn’t like the small lamp so I installed a larger one. Looking much better!


Yubico and Authlite, Finally 2 factor login for windows!

First of if you don’t know what 2 factor authentication is, in the most common usage practice is a password (1st factor) and something else, usually an object or piece of paper with random passwords (2nd factor) to be entered in allowing passage through whatever login your dealing with, often using a One Time Pad (OTP) which is a password that you’ll only ever use once and should never repeat itself.

If your paranoid you’ve already heard of and gotten yourself a yubikey from yubico.com if not hold on a sec and check out what I’m about to drop on ya. (here’s a quick pic of my daily usb devices)

Up until now I’ve loved my yubikey, hell I have to use it to post on this site, but have always wanted a OTP enabled windows login. Authlite has teamed up with Yubico and fixed this!

Not only has Authlite fixed this problem they offer yubikey enabled almost everything on the windows platform! (Come on linux version!) From remote access, Active directory, and the all important Windows Login!

I’m very excited! I’ve already ordered my bundle and anxiously await it!


Have a Starcraft 2 Valentines Day!

Just a quick post, I just got finished with a few rounds with good ‘ol Starcraft, and wanted to check out the Starcraft2 site to drool a bit, and noticed that they are offering some Starcraft themed Valentines Day Wallpapers!

So with the time’s I figured I’d share :)


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