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Tweetdeck on Linux

So I’ve gotten Tweetdeck installed on my new Linux Mint 7 Desktop and the hardest part was downloading it from the tweetdeck site!

Want help doing the same? I’d love to!

So downloading the Adobe AIR Installer is quite simple and straightforward. Browse on over to http://get.adobe.com/air/ and download the .bin file from them or I too have it hosted by going to this link.

Once you have that file go to where you downloaded it to (I’ll use the Desktop as my location for reference) and right click on it, choose Properties, go to the Permissions tab, and put a check mark in the box that says “Allow executing file as program” and click close.

Unfortunately you will have to use the terminal for this ONE step.

browse to where you have your file (change “daniel” to your name)
[codesyntax lang="bash" lines="no"]cd /home/daniel/Desktop/[/codesyntax]

and run this to install it:
[codesyntax lang="bash" lines="no"]sudo ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin[/codesyntax]

Now the hard part for us Linux users, GETTING the TweetDeck file from their site as they use a flash button that doesn’t seem to work under linux.

I’ve again hosted a copy of the file here if you need it.

Assuming Adobe Air installed just fine using the above method then all you need to do once getting the .air file is double click it. and it will install!

Really I do love TweetDeck and it pain’s me to have to say something negative about the process of working with it, but not being able to download it from their site is a MAJOR issue if you ask me.

I especially love the new sync feature of the app! Now my separate installs of TweetDeck across my MANY pc’s are always the same with up to date information from the others!

This really is a great app and I do recommend you do what you need to to try it being the second best twitter app I’ve found for linux is Twitux and is good, but has many flaws where TweetDeck just shines as much as something black can!